Cover Reveal for Captivated By the Winter King

Hi everyone!  As I mentioned a few days ago, I am here today to help spread the word of the cover reveal for my good friend, Mistral Dawn’s latest book.  I am very excited to share this with all of you, but first, a few words from the author.  Take it away Mistral!

Hey Everyone!! 🙂

Guess what!!! We’re only one month away from the release of Captivated By The Winter King!!! 🙂 Squee!! 😉  This newest installment in the Spellbound Hearts series is due to be released on November 30, 2015.  To celebrate, I thought I’d share the fantabulous cover that the amazingly talented Erin Dameron-Hill has created!  Here’s a little about the story:

Captivated By The Winter King Cover AmazonKate is a woman on the run. After years of being physically and emotionally abused by her fiance, she’s finally had enough. But leaving might be even more dangerous than staying, so she needs to get as far away as she can as fast as possible. A late night, desperate drive through the pouring rain ends suddenly when a cat appears in the middle of the road. While trying to avoid the half-drowned creature, Kate loses control of her car and crashes through a portal to Fairie.

Ankou is a fallen God of Death and the king of the Winter Court of Fairie, and he’s facing pressure from every direction. The magic of the Court is out of balance due to the centuries-long lack of a queen. He is harried constantly by the Court nobles who want him to either step down or take a mate. All the duties of a ruling pair rest squarely on his shoulders. And added to all this is a soul-crushing loneliness. His existence stretches back hundreds of millennia, and in all that time he has never found the one person who could warm his lonely heart. He is exhausted and discouraged, and the last thing he needs is to go tearing off into the night on a fool’s errand. But one of his lingering god powers is the ability to sense the right course of action to follow, and his instincts are screaming at him to go to a particular place in the forest of the Winter kingdom and wait. Imagine his surprise when he finds the one he has been waiting for his whole life!

Using a careful blend of patience, seduction, and domination, the Winter king tries to win his soulmate’s love. Feeling safe and valued for the first time in her memory, Kate explores her new freedom by agreeing to try the BDSM games her lover suggests. As she experiments with both domination and submission, she learns just how liberating surrender can be. Will Ankou be able to convince Kate that she can trust him with her feelings as well as her body? Will Kate find a way to overcome the trauma of her past and open up her heart to accept the love that is offered to her? Can these two broken people find a way to fit all their disparate pieces together into a stronger, united whole? You’ll have to read to find out!

I’m also excited to share a sneak peek with you with this excerpt:

When he saw his Anamchara’s nod of consent, Ankou released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. The trust she was showing warmed him far more than any fire could. He was determined to prove himself worthy of that trust. Looking around at the gathering light, he realized the air was much too cold for what he had in mind. With a gesture, he cast a spell to raise the temperature of the area around them to something that approached a comfortable level.

Turning back to his mate, he said, “Come here.” When she approached, he ordered, “Remove your clothing.”

In spite of the warmer air, Kate shivered. There was something deliciously naughty about the idea of being naked outside. They were alone and the area was remote, but it was not a private space. Anyone might happen by.

Reaching behind her neck, she tugged at the closure that sealed the dress in back. It had been spelled to release when she pulled at it, and the bodice dropped away from her body. Sliding the sleeves down her arms, she allowed it to pool at her waist as she unfastened the top of the skirt. Once freed, she allowed the dress to fall to the ground and stepped out of it. Seeing that Ankou held his hand out for it, she picked it up and handed it to him.

Standing under the cloudless sky in nothing but her lacy underwear, she felt free. She looked at her mate, who just raised his eyebrows and said, “Those as well.”

After sliding the bra straps down her arms, she reached behind herself to unhook it. The cool air caressed her skin and her nipples puckered. She shivered as she handed the bra to Ankou. Taking a deep breath, she removed her boots and stockings. The cold of the snow under her feet was noticeable, but not unbearable. She realized Ankou was using magic to protect her there as well and she smiled. Sliding her panties down her legs, she stepped out of them and handed them to her mate.

“Stay there,” ordered Ankou, who took Kate’s clothing and laid it on the platform they had slept on to keep it from getting wet in the snow. Walking around the small clearing, he looked for things he could use. He found the remnants of a tree that had broken and fell. Using magic, he smoothed and shaped the stump into a wooden platform. After making sure the surface was polished and free of any splinters or sharp edges, he ordered Kate to join him.

As she padded across the snow, Kate couldn’t help but wonder what Ankou had planned. Looking at the stump he had prepared, she was confused. It looked sturdy and came up to her belly button, but she didn’t see what it could be used for.

Walking a few feet away, Ankou selected a large stick from the pile of wood Kate had collected the night before. Using magic again, he shaped it into a long, thin, smooth cane. He used both hands to bend it, testing how much give was in the wood. Satisfied, he returned to where his Anamchara waited for him.

When Kate saw what Ankou had in his hand, her eyes widened. Did he intend to use that on her? Searching his face, she found no clues in his blank expression.

Standing in front of her, the Winter king saw the trepidation in his mate’s eyes. Cupping his hand behind her head, he threaded his fingers through her hair and drew her body against his. He leaned down, claiming her lips in a possessive kiss. Skimming his lips along her cheek, he nipped at her ear and whispered, “Do you trust me?”

The warmth of her lover’s body against Kate’s front contrasted with the cool air that caressed her back. Ankou’s shirt rasped against her taught nipples and made her shiver. There was a tension in the air, even more so than was usually present when they played these games, and she felt mesmerized by the intensity. As his words penetrated the fog that swirled through her mind, the anxiety left her. “Yes. I trust you.”

Stepping back, Ankou smiled. “Good.”

Oh my!! What’s going to happen next? Want to find out?  You’ll have to read the story!  Captivated By The Winter King is available for pre-order from most popular online merchants:

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Thank you all so much for checking out my newest work, and I hope you all enjoy it.  Happy Reading!! 🙂


Some of the Books I’ve Reading

Reading is a large part of my life.  I enjoy everything from a good murder mystery, to a steamy romance novel, and everything in between.  I read the classics (granted not as many as I should) and I read pop culture items.  I read news articles, and I read blogs.  I read about child development (well because it’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with a young child).  I read about writing and writer’s lives and writing habits.  I even occasionally read about celebrities (but not that often).  The point is that I read a lot, and one thing I have found is that you can learn something from everything that you read (even if you can’t believe everything you read).  You can learn how to be a better writer by reading, even if what you’ve read is poorly written.  You can learn how to deal with different stressful situations, how to build the perfect fort for playtime with a toddler, and you can learn how scary the real world is at times.  So for today’s post, I would like to talk a bit more about the things I have read this week.

Last week I wrote about my beta reading experience (if you missed the post you can find it here).  Mistral Dawn is a fantasy romance novelist and you can find her books on Amazon by following these links: Taken By the Huntsman or Bound By the Summer Prince.  Both are great fantasy romance novels filled with wonderful descriptions of the land of Fairie as Mistral envisions it and some pretty hot love scenes.  They both also lay out a world where everyone is accepted for who they are, regardless of what labels may be applied to them.  She does a wonderful job of making the reader think about social issues without coming across as preaching to the masses.  In short, both of her books offer more than sex scenes, and have a way of totally engrossing the reader.  I highly recommend them.

In the last week, I have also met another writer who is preparing to release her second book.  Julie Nicholls also writes fantasy romance and you can get her first book on Amazon at Demon Within.  In this first novel, Julie takes us into the life of Kai, a former slave who has won his freedom.  Within the pages of her book you will find mystery, lies, secrets, romance, and of course some steamy love scenes.  I particularly enjoyed how Julie weaves the different character’s individual stories into one and I am eagerly waiting the arrival of her next book titled Angel Within which is due to be released soon.

In the last week I also finally got around to reading Ready Player One.  This book was released back in 2011, and has been on my to read list for a couple of years now.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this novel.  As a child of the 80’s it was a blast from the past set in the future.  Ernest Cline gives readers a future dystopian world where most of humanity spends the majority of their time inside a virtual reality game world.  One of the creators of the “game” passes away and his will reveals the existence of an “Easter Egg” inside the game, and states that the person who finds the egg first will inherit his massive estate including billions of dollars. What follows is simply nerd heaven.  If you were a part of the 80’s, (and even if you were not) it is well worth the read and highly  entertaining.

Last, but certainly not least, I have been reading Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell.  This book is part of a series that Writer’s Digest has published over the years in their Write Great Fiction series.  It is one of the books on my to read list that I hope will help me gain the necessary skills (and confidence) to finally sit down and write a book (or if I’m lucky, several books).  I’m only a couple of chapters into the book, but I have already learned a couple of things, so Yay!

I would love to hear what you’ve been reading!  Please feel free to share in the comments below!