Crochet and Knitting

I crochet; have crocheted off and on since I was a child when my great-aunt first taught me how.  I started out making chain necklaces, bracelets, IMG_20150526_231702504and rings in different colors to go with my different dress up outfits, and eventually graduated to making full sized afghans. IMG_20150526_231717739 For years it was a running joke that Aunt Nan taught me how to crochet and my mother how to sew, but would never teach me to sew or my mother to crochet.

Anyway, I’ve made several afghans over the past few years.  Most I have given away as gifts, a couple I have kept, and a few have been lost or left behind in moves.  The great thing about this hobby is that there is always another project to start.  Anyway, over the past few months I have been working on an afghan, a few hours here and there as time and energy have permitted, and I am proud to say that last night I finally finished it!  I love the Christmas colors and the details of the pattern turned out wonderfully I think.

In addition to finally finishing up this afghan, I have been making my annual attempt to learn how to knit.  I don’t know anyone who knits, so I have been trying to teach myself how for years now.  I give it a try once or twice every year, and in the past I have simply given up after a couple of horrible misshapen practice swatches and gone back to my crochet projects.  All the while wishing I could in fact make any of the beautiful knit patterns that I come across.

Well this year I think may actually be the year when I finally manage to wrap my crochet brain around the concepts of knitting.  Below is a picture of my first three practice pieces, and I think I’m making great progress.  The pieces are placed in the order I made them from left to right, with the starting points at the bottom.  IMG_20150526_130722The first piece was all knit stiches, which leaves you with a piece that is bumpy and looks the same on both sides.  The second piece mixed in a different stitch called the purl, which when rows are alternated with the knit stich leave you with a piece that is bumpy on one side and smooth on the reverse.  I did a few bumpy rows just to break up the piece for a pattern type look.  The third piece was increase/decrease practice.  I started at the bottom point and increased each row until I reached the mid point and then decreased each row until I was back to a point.

I am rather pleased with the progress, and feel pretty confident that with a little more practice I will be knitting like a pro soon!

How about you? Are there any knitters out there that have any tips for a beginner?   Thanks for stopping by!